Students learning sign language because of their deaf friend

Zejd's teacher, Sanela Ljumanovic, is most responsible for organizing a sign language course, in order to provide Zejd with equal conditions as other students.

“I prepared for each new class, for each new teaching unit, and we had to do something more permanent, which would help other children and Zejd to communicate with each other. Zejd learns together with us, he is happier and more sattisfied,” Ljumanovic.

said.Thirty of Zejd's schoolmates and friends along with their teacher attend a sign language course in order to communicate with Zejd more easily.

For Anis Setkic, an interpreter of sign language, it is a great challenge to work with children. He said he was skeptical about children learning sign language, but through play and laughter they mastered every lesson.

“They have mastered the sign language very well. They already communicate with Zejd and convey their experiences to their parents and I am satisfied with how everything works,” Setkic said.

The course is held once a week and lasts for three months, and these children will be able to communicate with the deaf people at the end of the course.