YouTube – the platform that reconnects the divided Balkans

NEWS 09.04.2018 12:27
Source: Pixabay (ilustracija)

The Balkan’s Youtube community knows no ethnic boundaries and is not burdened by the region’s numerous problems. This is not a surprise as it consists only of young people.

Balkan Youtubers have in recent years produced so much content, that the community is topped only by the US and the UK when it comes to the volume of activity on the video-sharing website.

“I believe they (Balkan Youtubers) can really help, because children spend a lot of time on Youtube which forms their basic opinions about things, said Youtuber Emerald Podbicanin.

“If they see that I recorded a video with a colleague from Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro, they see I have nothing against him and they form a new opinion: that it is OK and that divisions are not necessary. Divisions are not even mentioned. I never say ‘I am a Bosnian Youtuber’ or ‘he is a Serbian Youtuber’ – we just say we are Balkan Youtubers,” he added.

Milica Peric, a Youtuber from Serbia, said she believes the reason why some express hate on the video-sharing platform is the way they were brought up at home. She said parenting, education and culture need to be in the focus in the future.

“It is, in essence, very difficult to eradicate negative things on the Internet. Above all, it is important to not only have online conversations but to also have offline conversations with family and friends. We should not devote all of our attention to the Internet. We should not trust all we see on the Internet 100 percent, as this can cause us some bad situations,” Peric said.

“My advice is, if you encounter a cyberbully, talk to your friends and family about it first,” she added.

But what is actually considered to be the Balkan Youtube scene?

“When I say Balkan Youtube scene, I mean ex-Yugoslav republics, although not really Slovenia as they are not really within this community. But all others here found each other and became part of something we once were,” said the Director of the Balkan Tube Fest, Mirjana Vladisavljevic.

“We truly accomplished something which others before us could not do, which is to bring Croats, Bosniaks and Serbs together and to stop hating each other,” she added.

The Balkan Tube Fest, which used to only take place in Serbia, connects Youtubers from Balkan countries since 2015. Since last year, it also takes place in Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to the Youtubers, it is the best chance for the Balkans to show it’s true face, without divisions and hate.