German company takes over “Bekto Precisa”

Source: Vlada FBiH

German company EMKA GmBH acquired the Goražde based company “Bekto Presica”.

This information was confirmed at a press-conference in Sarajevo which was attended by FBiH Prime Minister Fadil Novalic.

With the protocol signed by the owner of the German Company Friedhelm Runge and Redzo Bekto on behalf of Bekto Precisa, Gorazde based company becomes member of the EMKA Group.

Prior to the signing ceremony, Prime Minister Novalic said that FBiH Government prepared a number of changes which would facilitate foreign investments. Among the changes are the new laws on contributions and income tax, implementation of which will decrease numerous burdens faced by employers.

EMKA company already has a branch office in Gorazde, where it operates under the name EMKA Bosnia. The company deals with production of metal and plastic products, electric, auto and circuits for other industries. They are partners to several big car manufacturers and are the second biggest company in the Group – second only to the parent company based in Germany.

Bekto Precisa Project Manager Senad Redzic told N1 that they are extremely satisfied with EMKA Group's acquisition which will improve Bekto Precisa's operations and aid their further improvement and development.

“EMKA is one of the biggest companies in the industry. They initiated a company transformation and offered us partnership and takeover. Since this is a top European Group which operates in 23 countries, Bekto responded positively to EMKA's partnership. The negotiations were concluded to mutual satisfaction and this move is very significant for our economy and for the economy of Gorazde,” Redzic said.

As much as 95 percent of products produced in EMKA Bosnia are exported to European markets, making it the second largest exporter in BiH. EMKA Bosnia has been present in BiH market for over 15 years.