Pendeš discusses Bosnia's path towards NATO in Brussels

NEWS 10.04.2018 14:15
Source: Ministarstvo odbrane BiH

Bosnia’s Defense Minister discussed on Tuesday Bosnia’s path towards NATO and the results of the North Atlantic Council meeting held in March with the alliance’s Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs and Security Policy, Alejandro Alvargonzales.

Marina Pendes’s trip to Brussels comes at a time when Bosnia is expecting the activation of it’s Membership Action Plan, an essential step towards NATO membership.

She also discussed the issue with Spain’s Ambassador to NATO, Nicolas Pascual de la Parte, and the head of the OSCE in Bosnia OSCE, Ambassador Bruce G. Berton.

Bosnia asked to join NATO almost a decade ago but has been dragging its feet on the path toward membership because the Bosnian Serbs have changed their mind and follow the policy of neighboring Serbia which declared military neutrality.

Serbs dislike NATO since the pact bombed their military forces in Bosnia and Serbia during the Yugoslav wars of the 1990's.