Wigemark: We're not taking anyone's side, we're here to help

NEWS 11.04.2018 10:21
Source: N1

Head of the EU Delegation (EUD) to Bosnia and Herzegovina Lars-Gunnar Wigemark told N1 that the EU was not here to take anyone's side but to help finding a solution in all processes in Bosnia, with emphasis on talks on changes to electoral legislation.

Wigemark stressed this was the first time he saw political leaders – of six or seven political parties – to actually talk. “…because any solution that is reached must be the result of compromise. Reaching a compromise doesn't mean anyone's defeat, but a sign of wisdom and strength,” he added.  

He announced a meeting that he and US Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Maureen Cormack would hold Wednesday with representatives of the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH) and the party leader Dragan Covic.  

“We do not advocate any solution, we want the local leaders to take responsibility and find a common language and stance. There is no sign of any progress so far, but their positions are a bit clearer,” said Wigemark. “I would like to say that we started a process of consultations at one level, this is a complex process that interferes in the essence of Bosnia and its arrangement. It is important to focus on ‘Ljubic’ ruling, that is one of the cases dealing with the issue of direct election in the House of Peoples”.  

EUD's senior official said he did not expect any significant progress, but they were willing to hear stances of HDZ BiH.  

“It is important to continue talks of local leaders. We are here to give them support on our part. We believe that responsibility should be in hands of hose who should solve this matter. This applies to all matters, not only the issue of the Election Law,” Wigemark emphasized. “In regard with this particular issue, we do no take side and we are not partial, we would only like to see a solution.” 

He recalled of the process of consultations that was launched the last summer.

“I talked to Covic, and I was told then there was no need to start any process. We do not plan to impose any solution, we are here to help reaching of solutions. We said that on several occasion to the (Bosnia's tripartite) Presidency, but it was clear in the earlier held talks that there was no wish for progress. There were proposals that were dealing with some solutions to the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) entity. Elections and implementation of election results are final deadline,” he underlined.  

At the end, he concluded that the year of elections was not an excuse to do nothing.