Dutch team breeds Bosnian Mountain Horses

NEWS 12.04.2018 12:52
Source: Anadolija

After a team of experts from Australia, The Netherlands and Slovenia found that the Bosnian Mountain Horse possesses the characteristics of ancient breeds, two members of the Dutch team of experts decided to start breeding this species in The Netherlands.

Zefanje Vermeulen and Tanje de Bode have brought six Bosnian Mountain Horses from Slovenia to The Netherlands in order to breed them there.

Although the move appears to be small, “from the point of view of some of us who are struggling to preserve the breed, these are great steps that could ultimately have a positive outcome,” said Enver Ziga, Chairman of the Board of the International Association of Bosnian Mountain Horse Breeders.

He noted that already 2017 was a successful year that produced two new breeders and two new stables in Bosnia. The association issued its second birth book and stored the genetic material of the species at the Veterinarian faculty in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Bosnian Mountain Horse breeders will also for the first time receive state subsidies.

“Although those are modest sums, it is important to us that we are recognized as someone worth attention,” Ziga said.

The number of horses is expected to grow and breeders and fans from countries where this horse is bred are planning two scientific gatherings this year.

The Association noted it managed to decrease breeding in kinship, which is always a problem for small populations.

“The increased interest in the Bosnian Mountain Horse is important and we expect further progress in 2018,” the Association said