FBiH Government increases veterans' benefits

Source: N1

Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) entity Government has increased the veterans' benefits for the first time in over five years. The benefits were increased by 1.5 perent during today's session.

“The government continues to solve the demands from the field of veterans’ disability protection. We adopted a certain number of conclusions during the previous session”, said FBiH Veteran's Affairs Minister Salko Bukvarevic.

“Today we implemented one of the conclusions concerning the changes to the decision on the coefficient for calculation of monthly benefits for veterans, families of the deceased veterans and the most decorated veterans.”

Bukvarevic added that the current government, headed by FBiH Prime Minister, adopted the veterans associations’ proposal that the current level of benefits not be decreased, which enabled the government to reach an agreement and for the first time in five years increase the benefits for over 90,000 beneficiaries.

The total annual amount of funds intended for veterans’ benefits now amounts to BAM 285.5 million.

Last week a group of war veterans had gathered in front of the Parliament building of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity and on several highways in protest of the difficult social position they are in.