Justice Minister: Bosnia didn't lose property in Croatia

NEWS 28.05.2018 18:38
Source: N1

Bosnia and Herzegovina did not lose the property in Croatia after that country passed a law on state property management, said Bosnia’s justice minister Josip Grubesa.

Speaking for N1, Grubesa said that there was no agreement in Bosnia on who was in charge of managing that property and who were the owners of the facilities.

According to the new Croatian Property Management Law, the facilities from the so-called sub-balance of Bosnian and Serbian companies in Croatia will be given to concession lasting up to 30 years. A large number of these facilities are demolished, so the one who rents them will invest in them. 

“By adopting this law, Croatia showed they care about those facilities, they want to find concessionaires who will preserve that property,” said the minister.

Asked why this issue has not been discussed by Bosnia’s Council of Ministers, Grubesa said he was not the chairman and the one determining the agenda.

The Croatian Parliament passed the Law on State Property Management the last week, allowing the competent ministry to control and manage real estates in which camps, land with plans for the construction of golf courses, hotels, and other tourist services are found.