Serbia’s Vucic: Western Balkans to overcome frustrations

NEWS 29.05.2018 14:37
Source: Tanjug/Sluzba za saradnju s medijima Predsednika

Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic said in Paris on Tuesday that the Western Balkans states could change their future and overcome some frustrations.

Vucic is in the French capital to take part in the “Western Balkans: EU and Great Powers’ Competition” held during an annual meeting of the European Council for Foreign Relations.“Europe has a lot of its problems, and it will deal with them.

“The words of (German Chancellor Angela) Merkel and Macron that the Western Balkans should not be left aside were crucial. That’s enough,” Vucic said.

He added that that the European Union would not focus on all regional states.

“There are other internal problems. So, expecting anyone to deal with us on a daily basis is neither realistic nor possible,” Vucic said.

He added Serbia would insist that some Western Balkans countries overcome their frustrations and realise that the regional states were those who could change their future and that it did not entirely depend on Brussels or any other political centre.

Vucic said that the regional countries used to kick each other in the back, but that it had to change.

“Our idea is that we support each other, create a common market before joining the EU, and try to simplify the flow of goods, people and capital,” he added.

He said that once the region achieved that, “the EU will want us inside more” than now.

Vucic announced he would meet his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron in July.