Leftists form coalition for election they call historic

NEWS 30.05.2018 12:31
Source: N1

The Democratic Front (DF) and the Civic Alliance (GS) signed a coalition agreement in Sarajevo on Wednesday, with an aim to jointly participate in the upcoming October election which they said would be historic.

“We are aware that there are moments in the history of every country which have historic implications. 2018 general election is one such moment and the results will determine the destiny of our country for a longer period of time,” reads the agreement of the two parties. 

The two left-wing and civic-oriented parties were both formed in the recent years, winning sympathies amongst social-democrats and mainly within the Social Democratic Party (SDP) membership. DF leader and founder Zeljko Komsic was a senior SDP official, who left the party due to the disagreement he had over SDP's coalition agreement in one of the previous post-election cycles.

DF and GS said they would focus on “preventing those forces who ground their political activities on hatred and divisions, with an aim to take our country to a dissolution.” Their final goal, they said, is the victory of Zeljko Komsic in the run for the state Presidency and victory of all lists of candidates “against those who knowingly keep Bosnia in agony.”

Despite allegations that all left-wing and civic-oriented parties may join a coalition and select joint candidates for the upcoming election, it did not happen.

According to Komsic, his party discussed and adopted SDP's proposal of a coalition agreement but they never received SDP's final answer.

“We are ready to talk and we invite them to think about everything once again. I don't know if they are going to do that,” he added. “They are not our opponents, why do they see us that way – I don't know. It will all come to the surface.”

Instead, Komsic said, DF and GS will have joint lists of candidates for all levels of authorities.

GS was formed by DF's former member Reuf Bajrovic, who recently stepped down and left the party leadership to Nihad Colpa.

Bosnian citizens will cast their vote on October 7 and will elect the members of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency, members of state and entity parliaments as well as cantonal assemblies’ members.