Some 400 migrants prevented from entering Bosnia illegally

NEWS 01.06.2018 14:43
Source: Granična policija

Police officers have prevented the illegal entrance of some 400 migrants into Bosnia, in the past three days.

Bosnia and Herzegovina's Border Police say on Thursday they prevented the illegal entrance of some 100 migrants from the direction of Serbia and Montenegro on 16 separate occasions.

On Wednesday, the Border police reacted 21 times in preventing around 150 migrants from crossing the eastern border illegally.

Border control in the Visegrad area is being performed by the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA), the Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies and the Border Police while Police officers and other specialist equipment were deployed to areas of Zvornik, Velika Kladusa and eastern Herzegovina. Border Police from other parts of Bosnia is also providing assistance in these areas.

Apart from these cases, the Border Police unit from Izacic discovered two groups of migrants who expressed their intention of requesting an asylum.