Sarajevo as a centre of innovative branding ideas

NEWS 01.06.2018 20:10
Source: N1

The eight Branding Conference, organized by Via Media was held Friday, in Sarajevo. This year's conference was attended by some of the biggest names in the field of branding, marketing, communication and media.

One of those names was Karim Rashid, an industrial designer who is a brand himself, who spoke of the future of the world, industrial design and how things change.  

The Conference's main guest in the field of communications was Boris Nemisic dubbed the “king of mobile telecommunications.” Nemesic, who is the CEO of the Delta Partners, told N1 that Bosnia and Herzegovina does not have to be especially innovative to improve its situation in the telecommunications field and to finally implement the 4G network.

“These things should be copied from others. Somebody's been thinking about these things for the past 20 years. Our telecommunication operators are ready for the 4G, we just need someone to say GO,” Nemesic said.

David Balfour a marketing expert from the Lightblue company spoke of the meaning of micro-cultures in branding. He said today there are many different cultures in one place and one must understand them to understand who the brand is talking to.

“Earlier, brands screamed at you but today they are talking to consumers in a language consumers understand,” Balfour added.

Via Media's CEO and founder Vesna Beganovic stressed the Branding Conference in Sarajevo is an opportunity for Bosnian companies to be more competitive in the world.