Migrant crisis of 2015 will not repeat, activist says

NEWS 03.06.2018 11:28
Source: N1

Bosnia and Herzegovina has become the migrants’ last option due to the closed Hungary’s border and bad treatment on Croatia’s border, said Rados Djurovic of the Belgrade-based Centre for Help to Asylum Seekers.

Speaking for the Radio Television of Serbia (RTS), Djurovic explained there was no migrant route bypassing Serbia, and that the best known one is the route passing through Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, and further to Italy and Slovenia.

A less important route, he added, was the one heading towards Hungary as well as the leg passing through Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro to Bosnia.

According to Djurovic, the Balkans will probably become a buffer zone if the migrants do not stay at the Greek islands, but there is no reason for concern that the migrant crisis from 2015 may repeat.

According to Bosnia’s state-level institutions and agencies, the number of migrants passing through the country has significantly increased since the beginning of this year. To obey the procedures, migrants are registering and applying for asylum in Bosnia. However, the statistics show that significant percentage of those who applied have already left the country, heading towards their final destinations in western Europe.