Ambassador: Embassy asked Turkey to release Bosnian student

NEWS 04.06.2018 17:22
Source: Arhiv / Anadolija

Bosnia's Embassy in Turkey has requested the release of a Bosnian student who was last week arrested on allegations that he might be a member of FETO, Bosnia's Ambassador to the country told N1.

“Since the arrest took place, the General Consulate in Istanbul and the Bosnian Embassy are coordinating activities to provide all legal and consular support to the arrested Bosnian citizen, Selmir Masetovic,” Bosnia's Ambassador to Turkey, Bakir Sadovic, told N1.

Masetovic was arrested in the Turkish town of Usak for allegedly being member of the organization Turkey accuses of terrorism and the 2015 coup attempt.

“Through the General Consulate and the Embassy we have sent notes and requests for the General Consul to contact and meet Bosnian citizen, Masetovic,” Sadovic said, adding that a lawyer has seen Masetovic and confirmed he is in good health.

A request for Masetovic's “urgent” release pending trial was submitted, he said.

Apart from this, a legal team from Istanbul was hired to defend Mr. Masetovic, Sadovic said.

Turkey's Government has still not responded to the requests for the meeting and the release.

“I would like for this to happen right away, but in Turkey, those are procedures that, in such cases, as in cases before, last for several days. I hope it will not take any longer than that,” Sadovic said.