Vujanovic: Petrol prices to decrease in the next few days


The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) entity’s Trade Minister Zlatan Vujanovic said the Ministry had already sent a request for the reduction of petrol prices. After a meeting with petrol distributors in FBiH, he said he expects a reduction of at least BAM 0.05 (around EUR 0.025) to take place Wednesday.

“Further petrol price increase is out of the question. Petrol distributors in FBiH have expressed goodwill to decrease their operational costs, thus decreasing petrol prices,” Vujanovic said.

He stressed that distributors are aware of the citizens’ discontent caused by high prices and added that there is a legal possibility for FBiH government to intervene in the petrol-price formation.

“It is an instrument we don’t like to use and it is used only as a last resort,” Vujanovic confirmed.

He added that not all distributors are in the same position and thus their possibilities to decrease prices also vary.

The FBiH Trade Minister recalled that petrol from FBiH commodity reserves is used only in crisis situations and that currently, they only have limited amounts of petrol.

Citizens across Bosnia and Herzegovina have been protesting in the past few days, blocking traffic in major cities for one hour, thus expressing their discontent with the price hike which has increased three times in the course of 2018.

(BAM 1 = EUR 1.95583)