BH-Gas official member of ENTSOG


Bosnia’s BH Gas company was officially accepted into the membership of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG) as an observer at its 34th General Assembly meeting in Bucharest, Romania.

The Company gained the observer status of because Bosnia and Herzegovina is not an EU member state.

“Acceptance into the ENTSOG membership is a confirmation of the previously good work and cooperation with the association. The membership opens the possibility for BH-Gas’ active participation in the future work of the association, together with other European and regional operators,” BH-Gas said. “It also enables the cooperation in creating and harmonizing development plans, promotion of gas projects and better positioning of Bosnia in the regional gas sector.”

BH Gas said they have had good cooperation with ENTSOG for years, developing joint projects and registering new one which are already part of the Ten-year Plan for the development of the European Natural Gas Network.

ENTSOG was established by the EU’s Third Energy Package, with the aim of facilitating cooperation between gas operators across Europe and the development of pan-European transport network in line with the EU Energy Strategy and the Energy Community of the South-East European states.

Currently, 45 companies are full members of the ENTSOG, while seven companies, including BH-Gas, have an observer status. In this way, ENTSOG represents 27 EU member states and the states from the Energy Community of South-East Europe.