Watch out: Fake Buddhist monks in Belgrade streets


Serbia’s capital joined many cities where fake Buddhists scroll the streets giving bracelets and blessings in return for money.

People dressed in Buddhist orange robe surprised Belgraders the majority of whom do not know much about the Buddhism and their monks’ behaviour.

The Buddhists from Belgrade say those are not real monks because “that is not what they do.”

Branko Kovacevic, the president of the Buddhist Society “Middle Road” said those people were fake.

“According to their rules, the Buddhist monks cannot stop people in the streets and especially not ask for money.”

He added that the visa liberalisation with China and the direct Belgrade – Beijing flights could be the reason for their appearance.

“They are of an Asian decent. We can only warn people not to trust them.”

If they ask for money, not for food, they are fake, Kovacevic has said.

“The blessings are for free,” he added.