'OSCE Mission has full confidence in election commission'


The OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina has full confidence in Bosnia's Central Election Commission (CEC) and its capability to organize the upcoming election in a manner that is both fair and transparent, head of the Mission, Bruce G. Berton told N1.

“Elections are complicated and sensitive processes, which merit the highest level of professionalism and transparency and require the strong, effective and efficient engagement of all, including citizens, the judiciary, law enforcement, media and political authorities,” Berton said.

The statement came as a response to the N1's inquiry regarding the recent accusations between the Republika Srpska (RS) entity opposition and the ruling party about plans to undermine the election.

Asked if Bosnia's state institutions are capable of conducting the fair election, Berton said that the OSCE Mission had full confidence in the Central Election Commission, “just as we did when we handed over responsibility for organisation and implementation of the election in Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Central Election Commission in 2002.”

“Despite the complicated and unfortunately politicized environment in which the Central Election Commission operates, we still have no doubt that the Central Election Commission is capable of exercising its legal obligation to organize the upcoming elections in a manner that is both fair and transparent,” reads the statement.

“The OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina is not in possession of any evidence of alleged misconduct,” the OSCE said.