Bosnia has a constant growth of exports to Turkey

NEWS 19.09.201815:58

Bosnia and Turkey have achieved a record trade balance in recent years and everything suggests that the trade volume will reach the target of USD one billion next year and that all plans will be fully realized, said Bosnia’s Foreign Trade Minister speaking to Turkish Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Haldun Koc.

“Exports from Bosnia are constantly on the rise. Apart from the fact that our exports have surpassed the imports, for the first time ever, this year we’ve achieved a significant increase of exports of industrial products,” Bosnia’s Mirko Sarovic said.

Bosnia’s foreign trade balance was significantly improved by the fact that Minister Sarovic managed to ensure a significant increase of exports of food and agricultural products to Turkey.

The Foreign Trade Ministry added they managed to ensure export quotas for meat coming from Bosnia, adding that they expect additional three to four tons of meat to be exported to this country, very soon.

The two interlocutors agreed that there is an increased interest of investors to invest in Bosnia and that local authorities need to remove the current obstacles standing in the way of future investments, as soon as possible. One of such obstacles is the lack of raw materials.

Sarovic confirmed that he has a clear solution to this problem which also deals with the reform of the wood processing industry and the ban of further exports of raw wood to foreign markets.