Fundraising initiative for a war execution survivor turns into a success story

NEWS 19.12.2018 18:16

Bosnia-born Sanel Babic, currently a resident of Colorado, US, launched a humanitarian initiative to help a Srebrenica execution survivor build his own home. With over 3,000 donors, Babic said it was “a rarely seen success.”

“Deep breath in…I'm about to share a very ‘heroic’ story with some gruesome roots from Srebrenica. Namely, a 7-year-old boy, who was a protected Hague Tribunal witness for 2 decades, a witness of executions of hundreds of Bosniaks, a miracle of survival, rising from the heap of dead bodies at an execution site in Orahovac (saved by a doctor), near Konjevic Polje, comes out and tells his story for the first time,” Babic wrote on his Facebook fundraising page.

Fahrudin Muminovic, the survivor of a 1992-95 Bosnian war execution in the eastern town of Srebrenica, lives with his sister and uncle. He has no job and is barely surviving.

“It is hard to understand and swallow that. It is hard to understand a man lives in such conditions,” Babic told N1, saying that his initial goal was to raise $5,000 in two weeks.

He has collected more than $150,000 so far.

According to him, Bosnia and Herzegovina has no capacity to help people like Muminovic and foreign actors share a part of the responsibility.

The goal of his fundraising initiative is to “allow him (Muminovic) to live, like his father wanted him to live.”

While Babic's fundraising is still ongoing, the MFS-EMMAUS non-profit organisation and the Ministry of Displaced Persons signed a contract to build a house for Muminovic and his family.

According to the contractors, the construction will start as soon as the weather conditions allow it.

Muminovic was a protected witness in a case before the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and his identity was unknown just until recently, when he appeared in a local TV station asking for help.