'I survived breast cancer, and that is my biggest accomplishment'

NEWS 29.12.2018 15:06
Source: Gracija BiH (Screenshot)

The cover of the Friday issue of local popular magazine ‘Gracija’ left Bosnians shocked and amazed with the courage of writer, columnist and breast cancer survivor Martina Mlinarevic, who exposed her surgery scar for the whole world to see.

“I survived, and that is my biggest accomplishment,” the columnist, who also frequently comments on social issues in Bosnia, wrote in a lengthy Facebook post. “We celebrate silly things, while people, heroes nobody knows about, fight their hardest battles daily. Without masks on their faces and filters. That is the reason for these photos and this cover,” she wrote.

But apart from raising awareness about one of the three most common types of cancer, which she certainly did, Mlinarevic also pointed out the importance of setting priorities in life.

“Go get a checkup, so that this doesn’t become you tomorrow. Don’t buy that handbag, rather set up an appointment,” she wrote.

She also touched upon the perception society often has regarding those suffering from the disease, mentioning that they are often given up on.

Mlinarevic wrote that she wanted to “crush the stereotypes” in Bosnian society when it comes to breast cancer.

A regular checkup, which includes mammography and ultrasound, can identify breast cancer in its earliest stage, significantly increasing the chances for survival.