Zvizdic urges neighbours to sign and ratify border agreements with Bosnia

NEWS 13.01.2019 13:38
Source: Anadolija

Head of Bosnia’s government called on Sunday the Republic of Croatia to ratify and the Republic of Serbia to sign a border agreement with Bosnia and Herzegovina, saying that good neighbourly relations among the countries in the region must be based on their mutual understanding as well as respect for each country’s sovereignty and integrity.

Denis Zvizdic, the Chairman of Bosnia’s Council of Ministers, said in a statement issued on Sunday that what the Western Balkan countries needed the most were certainly not hegemonic policies or divisions but a positive political dialogue, peace, mutual cooperation and progress.

“Many documents that all countries of the Western Balkans accepted oblige us to do that if we strive to become a part of the family of European countries, and Bosnia and Herzegovina is committed to the European Union (EU) integration having no other alternative,” he said.

One of those documents, Zvizdic said, is a declaration that the Western Balkan leaders signed in Sofia in May, 2018, which strongly emphasises that “the EU supports the Western Balkan countries in their commitment to continue strengthening good neighbourly relations, regional stability and mutual cooperation, while this particularly refers to seeking for efficient solutions to bilateral relations and disputes.”

Solving all open bilateral issues before the accession to the EU were clearly outlined in those documents, Zvizdic stressed.

“What is completely clear and was on numerous occasions practically and institutionally proved is that Bosnia and Herzegovina entirely respects sovereignty and territorial integrity of its neighbours,” said Zvizdic adding that, “credibility of this stance was demonstrated with the signing of border agreement with Montenegro and through specific proposals and true intentions to have the same document ratified, i.e. negotiated and signed with other neighbours.”

A border agreement between Bosnia and Croatia was signed in 1999 and, although not ratified, it is being applied but such document has not been signed yet with Bosnia’s third neighbour, the Republic of Serbia.

“I once again urge Croatia to ratify the signed agreement on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia to sign a transnational agreement on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, aimed at strengthening of mutual cooperation, peace and stability,” Zvizdic said.