Assistant Minister: Bosnia lacks coordination and command system in crises


Bosnia and Herzegovina had timely information regarding this year's floods, but the problem was caused by the lack of coordination in handling the situation, Bosnia's Assistant Security Minister Samir Agic told N1, on Tuesday.

“I think people were warned on time. We communicated well, and Bosnia's decentralised system gave its best, and the damages caused by the floods are hardly preventable in any country,” Agic said. “What we lack in our system is coordination, and management and command system.”

After the 2014 floods, Agic noted the Ministry did everything it could to improve the relations with their international partners.

“We received around €5 million, which is not a small sum, considering that we don't have our budget. But our biggest problem is a lack of coordination. Until we have that – we won't be able to react on time,” he told N1.

Estimates say that the 2014 floods caused damages over €2 billion. Agic concluded that this year's losses will also be high.