Inspectors discover irregularities in diploma of Bosnia's intelligence chief


A special inspection into the regularity of diploma that chief of Bosnia's intelligence service obtained at the University for Business Studies in Banja Luka has shown a number of irregularities and should be annulled, a competent body in Bosnia's Republika Srpska entity told N1 on Thursday.

Acting upon a request of Bosnia's State Prosecutor's Office, the Republika Srpska Inspectorate carried out an extraordinary control on July 30 and has determined a series of irregularities and omissions regarding the diploma of Osman Mehmedagic, General Director of Bosnia's Intelligence-Security Agency, and has ordered the University for Business Studies to anull the diploma and declare it null and void in the Republika Srpska's Official Gazette.

According to the Inspectorate, Mehmedagic was allowed to enrol in the third academic year at the Banja Luka-based university after the diploma that he previously obtained at the Sarajevo-based Law School and the exams he passed there were approved by professors who are not in charge of evaluating the differential exams.

Furthermore, Mehmedagic documentation lacks details on exam applications such as the dates when he sat for those exams or signatures of competent persons in the Student's Service.

Inspectors also determined that some of the exams that Mehmedagic passed were verified but that he again sat for the same exams, which made it unclear whether those exams were verified or not.

Given all the irregularities that the inspectors found out, the RS Inspectorate passed a decision and ordered the University for Business Studies to annul the diploma and declare it null and void in the Republika Srpska's Official Gazette.

The State Prosecutor's Office briefly stated that it has been actively working on a case concerning the control of regularity and legality of diplomas held by top officials in Bosnia's law enforcement agencies.

Spokesperson Boris Grubesic told Srna news agency that no further information on this case can be unveiled due to the ongoing controls.