Bosnia's best students seek different career paths, in and outside the country


Bosnia's State Presidency hosted on Monday seven outstanding students enrolled in Bosnia's public universities, whose career goals differ from the wish to stay in the country and build their career in Bosnia to chasing their goals abroad.

What the students have in common are the highest grades one can get in a university. Their future plans are different.

Nina Loncar is the most successful student of the University of Mostar. She will keep the memory of her student days for life, said Loncar. She is optimistic about her future.

“I always say I don't fear for my future, not because of my success but because I believe that young people can make achievements in Bosnia and Herzegovina if they truly want that. SO I believe there is enough room for the people who refuse to be average in science or another field. Those who want to succeed will make it here, indeed,” said Loncar.

Between two options – to stay or leave, she chose to stay and make achievements in her home country. Her life journey begins just now, she added.

Faris Hasanovic shares her opinion. He is the best student of the University of Tuzla and does not think of leaving Bosnia, for now.

“I plan to stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina for now, because I believe that fighting for this country is worth it. In a way, we're obliged to apply what we learned here in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and of course, if an opportunity for further education appears why wouldn't we use and apply that knowledge in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Hasanovic.

But, Damir Medunjanin, the best student of the University of Sarajevo, has a different plan. As a chemistry student, Medunjanin does not believe he could make significant success in Bosnia.

“I plan to resume the studies in Japan as of April 2020, to obtain a master's degree, then a PhD, which somehow naturally follows in the world of science. The science has a god status in Bosnia and Herzegovina but could be much better and greatly improved. I would like to work at a scientific institute anywhere but I wish to see such institutions being open in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, said this Sarajevo student.

Bosnia Presidency member Sefik Dzaferovic who hosted the meeting said his mission was to invest in education and encourage the prosperous students to make success.

According to official statistics, some 530,000 people left Bosnia in the past six years. More than 85,000 of them gave up Bosnian citizenship. The surveys show that 62% of young people want to leave and only 38% wishes to stay.