Mlinarevic-Sopta appointed ambassador in Prague despite 'political pressures'


Despite political pressures and media cyber-bullying that she said she was exposed to, Martina Mlinarevic-Sopta was officially appointed Bosnia and Herzegovina's Ambassador to the Czech Republic and should assume office by end of January, the new ambassador announced on Friday.

Mlinarevic-Sopta, a journalist and writer, has often been targeted by Croat nationalists who labelled her as non-patriotic and as a traitor for her frequent criticism against nationalism.

She was also highly criticised for allegedly having no academic degree to be nominated for the ambassadorial post. 

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“Despite the months-long political pressures and media cyber-bullying, sabotage and attempts to harm me in all ways, my final interview at the Foreign Affairs Ministry was held today, while ex-ambassadors, heads of departments and other participants agreed at the end of my speech that this was the best presentation of a newly-appointed ambassadors over the past twenty years. Innovative, open and different,” Mlinarevic-Sopta wrote on her Facebook page.

“Thank you for supporting me, unconditionally. I'm departing to Prague at mid-January and I will do my best to be a true representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina, you will be proud of,” she said.

Following the necessary procedures, Ambassador Mlinarevic-Sopta was accredited by the Czech authorities.

She was nominated for the post by Bosnia Presidency Chairman Zeljko Komsic.