‘Ruler’ documentary about Serbia’s Vucic's politics has million views in a week


A two-part documentary about the political life of Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic made by Audio & Visual Production JSP, had a million views in just a week after it was aired on N1 TV.

The authors said that testimonies of Vucic’s contemporaries (journalists, analysts, novelists and professors) “showed the parallel between his political rise and the sinking of democracy in Serbia.

Until this Tuesday, the first part had over 640,000 viewers, and the second part was seen by more than 370,000 people.

The narrative about a series of successes in eight years of the rule of the most powerful man in Serbia is combined with his factual statements.

The constant insistence of discrepancy between what Aleksandar Vucic is and what he speaks and does, ‘Ruler’ is something more than a universal analysis of a typical populist leader.    

Even though Aleksandar Vucic is the main character in the documentary, ‘Ruler is not only the story about him – it is the saga about the devastation caused bt the autocratic regime.

‘Ruler’ is also the story about Serbia’s people and about how they haven’t seen through his narrative which has brought and is still keeping him in power.