Police search for migrants who allegedly pointed a gun at them (VIDEO)

NEWS 17.06.2020 20:23
Source: MUP RS

Police forces in Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) region are searching for a group of migrants who managed to escape at gunpoint during a police intervention in Klasnice settlement, near the northern city Banja Luka, the police spokesperson confirmed to N1.

Reportedly, the presence of migrants in an abandoned house was reported to the Banja Luka precinct earlier on Wednesday.

“The police search for a group of migrants in the Klasnice area is underway after one of them pointed a gun at a police officer,” RS Interior Ministry Spokesperson Mirna Miljanovic told N1, adding that no shots were fired or injuries reported.

The police found a significant quantity of cold weapons in the house the migrants were occupying, she added.

While six of the migrants were kept by the police, those who are armed are still on the run, the police said.