Czech Republic donates valuable medical equipment to remote BiH health centres

Source: N1

The Czech Republic donated 130,000 Bosnian marks worth of medical equipment for 10 health centres in the country, Thursday, under the “Innovative approach to Covid-19 response in vulnerable local communities in Bosnia” which is implemented by the CARE Balkans NGO in cooperation with Civil Society Organisations.

During the delivery of the equipment, CARE Balkans Director Sumka Bucan stated that this project also helps local communities by donating 100 hygiene packages to vulnerable groups, as well as providing 100 packages of economic assistance to those who have lost their sources of income in this difficult situation. The value of this donation is 12,700 Bosnian marks (some €6,300).

The head of the Department for Development Cooperation of the Czech Embassy to Bosnia, Jana Zelinger, said that the Czech Republic had decided to provide humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable communities in Bosnia.

“I'm very happy that the Czech Republic has the opportunity to help Bonia stop the spread of the pandemic. The project, worth a total of €200,000, is implemented by CARE of the Czech Republic and CARE Balkans. We hope that with this help, health centres will be able to disinfect the area in which they are located and thus prevent the spread of the pandemic,” said Zelinger.

The Czech disinfection devices will be delivered to 10 health centres from Bijeljina, Vukosavlje, Prnjavor, Modrica, Visoko, Vitez, Travnik, Bratunac, Rudo and Gorazde.
The project is financially supported by the Czech Foreign Ministry.