Students struggling with inadequate equipment for online classes


About a thousand of students in Sarajevo Canton either does not have adequate equipment to follow online classes or what they have is out of date, a survey by Cantonal Education Ministry showed.

Their parents asked the ministry to act urgently so that the children can get a quality education under safe circumstances.

Anis Krivic, the minister, said the teachers so far have not reported any difficulties with their own equipment but those teachers who have children attending online classes do have problems as they have to share the same devices.

The parents asked the ministry to create a plan that would improve the quality of online classes, but they also asked for changes to the regulations on monitoring, assessment and evaluation of students in Sarajevo Canton in line with the conditions that come as a consequence of the combined classes – online and on-site models.

They also raised the issue of absence in classes and the inability to get doctor's note at healthcare centres, demanding that the Rulebook on absence in class is put out of force during the pandemic.

They demand the engagement of additional assistants in accordance with needs that the schools reported to the ministry.

“We are witnesses that the transfer of all students to the combined model of education has caused new challenges, added to the already complex situation regarding their transport to school. We ask for urgent measures that will either reduce or completely remove the problems regarding their transportation,” the Council of Parents of Sarajevo Canton stressed, reiterating the calls for improvement of the overall education process.