Bosnian Serb leader against the loan from IMF


Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik said Thursday that state institutions should reject the International Monetary Fund's credit arrangement worth some €750 million because they do not respect Bosnia’s reality.

Following the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats’ (SNSD) Executive Committee session at which the party which he leads supported the 2021 budget of Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity as well as the Economic Reform Plan 2021-2023, Dodik, said they concluded that the IMF credit arrangement should be rejected as it threatens the country’s Constitutional order.

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“The SNSD Executive Committee believes the IMF’s approach to Bosnia does not take into account the existing situation in the country, it abuses the consequences of the pandemic and it is politically directed at collapsing the constitutional order of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Dodik who is also the Serb member of the country’s tripartite Presidency said after the session.

Bosnian authorities are currently conducting negotiations with the IMF in order to obtain a €750 million load to help the economy and cover the existing costs hampered by the coronavirus pandemic. IMF officials confirmed earlier for N1 that these funds would most likely be conditioned by further socio-economic reforms.