Associations of victims meet Guterres, UN official confirms visit to Srebrenica

Antonio Guterres (REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya)

Munira Subasic, the chairwoman of the Women of Srebrenica and Zepa enclaves movement, said after the meeting with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in New York that the official would visit Srebrenica this year. Pročitaj više

Speaking to Anadolu news agency, Subasic said that the meeting of the associations of victims with Guterres on Wednesday discussed a total of nine topics, and that the associations presented the problems they are facing as the victims of genocide.

“We talked about the judgments passed by the Hague Tribunal. We know that the Hague Tribunal finished its mission the way it should, thanks to (chief prosecutor Serge) Brammertz and others. We asked him how he plans to protect the rulings that are constantly denied and what he plans to do regarding the glorifying of war criminals,” Subasic said.

The associations also expressed support to the initiative of Bosnia Presidency member Denis Becirovic who asked that the Hague tribunal archive is transported to Sarajevo, but they also asked for a memorial room for the Srebrenica genocide victims and establishment of a fund for reparation.

“I asked that this is a fund for all victims in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” stressed Subasic.

Asked about her impression after the meeting with Guterres, she replied that the UN official listened carefully and expressed full support, responding to each question separately.

“We talked longer than expected. They called him a few times, but he did not stop (the meeting). It meant a lot to us. The meeting lasted for nearly an hour,” she said.

The associations also asked the initiating of a vote on resolution on Srebrenica at the UN General Assembly, which the UN Security Council did not manage to do but the General Assembly could, according to Subasic.

She also invited Guterres to visit Srebrenica, and he is likely to come prior to the 11 July mass funeral and annual commemoration to victims.

Subasic recalled that Guterres already visited Srebrenica as Portugal government representative.