Bosnian photographer discovers British World War II bomber near Jablanica

NEWS 21.09.202316:36 0 komentara

A Bosnian photographer, Dzenan Dzino, published on his Youtube channel the details of his tour of Cvrsnica mountain near Jablanica where he claims to have discovered the remains of a British military plane from the Second World War. Pročitaj više

“I am sharing with you an event and an incredible story that is worth listening to. After I published the video ‘Battles on the Neretva,’ many people contacted me. One message “caught my eye”, was the information I received from Zadar, Croatia. A man who is a Second World War enthusiast asked me if I knew that a British plane crashed in one of the Jablanica mountains. He also sent me a photo of a Spitfire from 1944 and said that it crashed somewhere in Jablanica. There was a Greek pilot on that plane and he was missing. I immediately set out on that search, so I walked around the villages of Jablanica, Blidinje, Drzenica, and the first clue was in Drzenica. I found out that a plane once fell on Cvrsnica near the top of Plocno,” Dzino said.

He pointed out that in addition to parts of the plane, he also found human bones that most likely belonged to the plane's crew. He also contacted the British Embassy, which asked him to contact the local police. Which he did and an investigation was carried out.

“It turned out that it was a Wellington bomber that was shot down at Cvrsnica. Five crew members were killed.”

Watch the whole story in the video.