Brave boy Kenan Buljubasic overcomes leukemia and becomes pupil of the year

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Udruženje "Srce za djecu oboljelu od raka"

A wonderful story has come from Gracanica, where young Kenan Buljubasic has made his community proud. This brave boy defeated leukemia and, despite his battle with this severe illness, never gave up. He continued to learn, work hard, and dedicate himself to his studies, ultimately graduating from "Hasan Kikic" Primary School as the pupil of the year. Pročitaj više

Recently, Kenan received a significant award from his school for being the pupil of the year for the 2023/2024 school year.

Kenan's victory over leukemia is another of his remarkable achievements. In 2014, while still in kindergarten, he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The treatment and recovery process was long and required many sacrifices, but the goal was always clear—to see Kenan healthy.

In the end, it all paid off, as Kenan and his parents finally heard the words they had longed to hear—no cancer cells in his body.

Kenan also underwent a bone marrow transplant, a detail shared by the “Heart for Children with Cancer” Association from Sarajevo, as Kenan and his family moved to the city for his treatment.

“Pride. Kenan Buljubasic. Student of the year at ‘Hasan Kikic’ Primary School in Gracanica. Defeated leukemia. Underwent a bone marrow transplant. Came out of the fight stronger. May you continue to achieve great things, dear Keno. We are proud of all that you are,” said the Association.

It's important to note that children undergoing treatment for malignant diseases go through the same processes as adults—chemotherapy, cytotherapy, surgeries, transplants, and radiotherapy. These treatments are extremely exhausting, as are the complex and lengthy diagnostic procedures.

For these reasons, we rightfully call them small/big heroes.

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