Dodik condemns BiH Const Court ruling on RS entity Law on Immovable Property

NEWS 22.09.202217:00 0 komentara

The Bosnian Serb member of the tripartite state Presidency, Milorad Dodik, has condemned the BiH Constitutional Court's decision to annul the Law on Immovable Property in the country’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity, saying that “Sarajevo is trying to unconstitutionally take control of what does not belong to BiH.” Pročitaj više

In ruling on Thursday, Bosnia’s Constitutional Court annulled the Law on Immovable Property which was adopted in the country’s RS entity, ruling that the RS does not have the constitutional authority to decide on the matter which is under the jurisdiction of the state.


Dodik, who is also the leader of the ruling party in the RS, said the Constitutional Court is “a group of people who are politically motivated to cause problems and create some new system here that is not possible.”

He said that “according to the Dayton Peace Agreement, the property belongs to the entities, that the Constitution says that everything that is not expressly given to BiH does not belong to BiH and that in this way BiH could not control anything except what the entities give it”.

“However, they want to change that paradigm. They brought a man who was not elected by the UN Security Council here, they brought foreigners to the Constitutional Court and with two Muslims to create what they want,” he said, referring to the High Representative of the international community in the country, Christian Schmidt, and foreign judges in Bosnia’s Constitutional Court.

He stressed that the property in question belongs to Republika Srpska.

“The property is ours and they must know that it is ours, no matter what they think, and in this way, they are trying to send a message to the Western world that there is someone who does not respect the Constitutional Court, and that court itself does not respect the Constitution. How can you respect someone who does not respect the Constitution?” he stressed.