Dodik to Michel: EU's 14 reform priorities should be brought down to five

NEWS 20.05.202219:57 0 komentara

After a meeting with European Council President Charles Michel Friday, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Presidency Member Milorad Dodik said the key issue was to maintain peace and stability in BiH. Pročitaj više

Dodik said that the European Commission was previously unfair to BiH.

“I suggested to Michel, and I think Mr [Sefik] Dzaferovic [the BiH Presidency Chairman] agrees, that we make a selection of the 14 priorities and implement 5-6 the most important ones and we have three that have already been agreed on so that we can know with some certainty that BiH can to contend and secure the candidate status [for the EU accession],” stated Dodik.

That would be a new dynamic and hope, in Dodik’s opinion because optimism for the EU is declining.

As for the financing of the elections, the Republika Srpska (RS) entity is not in favour of postponing the elections, so the financing of the elections should be resolved with loans from entity governments to the BiH Central Election Commission, which would return the money when the BiH budget is adopted.

Dodik reiterated earlier views that he is in favour of the extension of the EUFOR Mission in BiH’s mandate.

He also reiterated earlier views that BiH must remain neutral and that sanctions against Russia for invading Ukraine should not be imposed or joined.