Dodik to US Embassy: We'd be more grateful if they didn't donate even a dollar

NEWS 29.03.202316:21 0 komentara

Milorad Dodik, the President of Bosnia's Serb-majority Republika Srpska entity, has started a war of words with the US Embassy following the statement about the investments that the United States provided in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1995. Pročitaj više

The US Embassy told Radio Free Europe that since 1995 this country has invested more than 2 billion dollars in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with some 638 million dollars invested in Republika Srpska only.

“The US Embassy in Sarajevo should sum up the damage that Republika Srpska suffered from 1995 to 2023, too. It is quite certain that it multiplicatively exceeds the amount stated as aid and investment in infrastructure. We would be more grateful to them if they did not donate even a dollar, and if they behaved politically fair in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tens of thousands of lives were given just for the property of Republika Srpska, which they are now trying to steal from us. Did they estimate it at $638 million?,” Dodik asked in a tweet, not elaborating on his words.

The US Embassy's statement on the investments comes after RS Government, with Dodik's support, announced ending the contact with the US and UK diplomats in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Explaining the decision, Dodik said the decision comes after “they were imposing problems on Republika Srpska for 20 years.”

In response, the US Embassy said that this road does not benefit the citizens of Republika Srpska, whom RS President claims to protect.