Ex CEC member: Political parties usually behind irregularities in BiH elections

NEWS 06.05.202210:39 0 komentara

Bosnia’s Central Election Commission is under attack by political parties every time elections take place even though those same parties are behind irregularities that happen in the process, former CEC member, Vedran Hadzovic, told N1. Pročitaj više

Hadzovic said that he does not believe the pressure on the CEC is the result of direct agreements between political parties, but rather the overall environment.


He argued that the CEC is under attack whenever elections are taking place and scandals are being made up in order to discredit institutions, but this is all forgotten once the process is over.

“What is happening in the election process, irregularities, are the result of the activities of political parties that organise this forgery and it is a very well-thought-out plan,” he said, arguing that in this way, there is a certain agreement among political parties.

Hadzovic noted that “a lot of things have not been resolved in BiH” and pointed out the issue of dual citizenship rules that enable members of certain ethnic groups in BiH to vote in two countries.

“Bosnian Croats vote for the Croatian Parliament, they vote for the President of the Republic of Croatia. On what basis can Croats be constitutive peoples in both BiH and Croatia?” he asked.

“Croats in BiH are not the Croatian diaspora, but the constituent people in BiH. There was never a reaction and I always wondered what was the basis for Croatia to be able to organise elections for the Croatian authorities in BiH,” he said.