HR Schmidt confirms strong international support and warns against RS secession proposals

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High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina Christian Schmidt confirmed receiving unprecedented support from the Peace Implementation Council (PIC) and the international community. Schmidt emphasized enhanced cooperation to aid Bosnia and Herzegovina, stating, "The carrot and stick approach continues, and the Bonn powers will still be used." He also issued a clear warning regarding any proposals from Republika Srpska (RS) for "peaceful dissolution." Pročitaj više

“We agreed that all existing instruments according to the Dayton Agreement remain in place, and we will collectively continue to support Bosnia and Herzegovina on its Euro-Atlantic path,” said Schmidt. He highlighted the necessity of mutual support among the High Representative, PIC member countries, and the EU, and stressed the importance of political stability and international reassurance for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Schmidt also thanked the international community for their unanimous support, ensuring his mandate continues as is.

Schmidt addressed the issue of RS authorities potentially sending a proposal for “peaceful dissolution,” stating, “If such a document contains anything related to the dissolution of this country, impacting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it would have to be addressed differently than 20 years ago.” He reiterated that actions against the Dayton Agreement will not be tolerated and affirmed the use of both “carrot and stick” measures as needed.

Schmidt concluded by condemning the increase in attacks on returnees, particularly in RS, and emphasized the strengthened resolve of the PIC to support Bosnia and Herzegovina's EU integration and take action against obstructive forces.

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