Infamous Andrew Tate possibly arriving in Sarajevo, Bosnia

NEWS 29.08.202214:35 0 komentara

Andrew Tate, the former kickboxing champion and infamous influencer who was recently banned from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, could soon visit Bosnia, more specifically - Sarajevo. Pročitaj više

His host in the BiH capital would be Irfan Tepic, one of the best male barbers in the country.

“Since July, we have been in constant contact and during a haircut, he said that he had heard a lot of good things about Bosnia and Sarajevo from his friends and that he wanted to come to the capital. He repeated on several occasions that he wants to come to Sarajevo and that he will certainly be my guest until the end of the year,” says Tepic.

Social media company Meta made the decision to ban Tate on Facebook and Instagram for violating the rules. Tate had 4.7 million followers on Instagram at the time his profile was taken down.

The former kickboxing champion gained attention in 2016 when he was booted from the Big Brother show over a video of him appearing to assault a woman. Twitter banned him for saying that “women should be held accountable” for sexual assault.