Magazinovic: Many complained, but everyone will participate in elections under rules imposed by HR

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Sasa Magazinovic, the Chairman of the Delegation of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, was a guest on N1, discussing the political situation in the country, the region, and the European Union. Pročitaj više

Regarding the current blockade of the government in BiH, Magazinovic addressed whether the opposition from RS securing another delegate in the House of Peoples of the BiH Parliament could change the political landscape:

“In Bosnia and Herzegovina, anything is possible, but it would be premature to speculate before the process concludes. There is an appeal process that will end one way or another, followed by a draw. It's too early to say, but anything is possible,” he said.

Magazinovic also commented on the rise of the right in certain EU member states and its potential impact:

“The overall power remains with the current EU leadership. While the right won't influence decision-making processes, they will impact the atmosphere. Recent elections have shown Europe shifting to the right. The rise of the radical right brings the left and right-center closer. It's a warning to consider the direction the EU is heading,” he explained.

When asked about the recent “All-Serb Assembly” in Belgrade and whether Vucic's statements indicated a lack of support for RS secession, Magazinovic noted:

“I didn't interpret Vucic's behavior as a clear message to Dodik. Words are one thing, actions another. Vucic is much more strategic than Dodik and communicates differently.”

Responding to a colleague's view that the assembly's declarations lack legal basis and are overblown, Magazinovic stated:

“While there is no legal basis, it's a political stance. We shouldn't dismiss its significance, as it indicates a political direction that destabilizes regional relations rather than calming them.”

Regarding the functioning of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Magazinovic acknowledged a crisis but highlighted the approval of 110 out of 113 points in the Growth Plan. He also commented on budget issues and Dodik's conditions for coalition meetings:

“It's not the first or last time Dodik says one thing and does another. He's not in a position to set conditions. If he chooses not to cooperate, that's his decision.”

Magazinovic predicted a turbulent autumn with the upcoming election cycle but hopes for fair elections despite initial resistance to changes imposed by the High Representative:

“The good news is that everyone accepted the changes to the Electoral Law. Many complained and said they wouldn't accept it, but they will participate under these rules. These comprehensive changes, although short on time for full implementation, will improve the process compared to last time. I support a step-by-step approach,” he concluded.

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