Messages from the BH Pride March: All rights are universal, visibility is important

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Participants of the fifth annual Bosnia and Herzegovina Pride Parade have gathered in large numbers in front of the Historical Museum in Sarajevo, where they have sent out numerous messages, primarily focused on the freedom for everyone to love whom they choose, asserting that their love is not a sin. However, special emphasis has been placed on condemning all forms of violence. Pročitaj više

One of this year's participants came from Serbia to support today's parade, emphasizing the importance of sending a message that all rights are universal.


“That everyone has the right to freedom, to choice, whom to love, that absolute equality, solidarity, humanism. It means that love is universal and that we want equality with everyone,” she highlighted.

Mia Babic, a regular participant in the Pride March, reiterated the importance of visibility for this community in public spaces.

“And discussing the rights of this population. All members of the queer community who come to the parade say they feel accepted, but there are also many straight citizens who come to the parade and do not share that identity, but recognize the need to speak about the rights of these individuals and their actual position in society. The slogans vary each year at the parades, but the message remains the same: that discussing our rights is not a mere promotion or pride without substance but an absolute need for equal status, not greater or additional rights,” she added.

This year's focus is on all forms of violence, as Mia noted, every year leading up to the BH Pride Parade they face verbal threats and insults in online spheres.

“Which can always spill over into physical space and materialize, but it is also very important to talk about institutional violence, violence in partnerships, femicide, and these are topics that have finally received more attention in society. It's a topic that many people relate to, but it's also very important to talk about it today,” she emphasized.

The gathering of participants in front of the Historical Museum has already begun, and they will move from this location to Susan Sontag Square in front of the National Theater. It is expected to draw between 2,000 to 3,000 participants.

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