No 50K followers on IG, no record deal? The Valla: Hold my beer!

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The Valla / N1

Formed in London in 2019, The Valla have a reputation for delivering high-energy, chaotic and intimate live shows. They began by playing packed out living rooms across the city, and have recently sold out three headline shows. Their music has been consistently featured on BBC Introducing and Spotify Official Playlists. The band consists of George on vocals, Hamish on bass and Greg on drums. Pročitaj više

In an exclusive interview with N1's Ika Ferrer Gotić, they opened up about their journey, challenges, and triumphs in the music industry. With a growing social media presence, the band shares insights into how they leverage digital platforms to connect with fans and attract industry attention.

The Valla began their journey with less than 50,000 followers on Instagram, a number that, according to industry demands, was insufficient to secure a deal with major record labels. Now, boasting 85.2 thousand followers, the band discusses the critical role of social media in their ascent.

VALLA: “A lot has changed. We’ve talked to more record labels, and people are more interested in us. Social media numbers really matter to them.”

The band reflects on how the music landscape has evolved with the rise of social media, comparing it to the pre-digital era.

VALLA: “It’s both a blessing and a curse. You can reach millions with a single post, but you’re also competing with thousands of others doing the same thing. It used to be all about the music; now it’s about reach.”

Despite their increased following, The Valla remains cautious about the offers they receive. The band's engagement strategy on Instagram has been pivotal. They share a mix of fun, relatable content and personal stories to connect with their audience.

VALLA: “We post short, engaging videos, like water balloon fights or facts about the band. People love getting a glimpse into our lives.”

The band members met through social media, forming The Valla as it is today after several iterations. Their music, described as uplifting tunes about both happy and sad experiences, resonates with a wide audience.

Balancing daily jobs with their music career, the band dedicates time each week specifically for creating social media content, highlighting the demanding nature of maintaining an active online presence. Each member has a day job, adding another layer of complexity to their schedules. Gres is a teacher, Hamish works in retail, and George works in theater.

Funding the Dream

The Valla self-finances all their projects, from recording to music videos, underscoring their dedication and passion.

VALLA: “Everything comes from our own pockets or money generated by our music. It’s all self-funded.”

With dreams of performing globally and playing at renowned festivals like Glastonbury and Coachella, the band is working hard behind the scenes to make these aspirations a reality.

VALLA: “We want to play all over the world, perform live, and be at major festivals. That’s our dream.”

Valla's story is one of perseverance, passion, and the strategic use of social media to build a dedicated following and attract industry attention. Their journey serves as an inspiring example for aspiring artists navigating the modern music landscape.

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