Police looking into new suspected femicide case in Bosnia

NEWS 25.09.202310:57 0 komentara

Two lifeless bodies were found Sunday evening in a bakery in the Bosnian town of Zavidovici, as a result of a murder and suicide, according to initial police reports. Pročitaj više

Zavidovici police station received a report on shots fired at around 9 p.m. in the Zlatni ljiljani Street and found lifeless bodies of a man and a woman upon arrival at the site of the incident.

Elvedin Fisek, a spokesperson for the Zenica-Doboj Canton Ministry of Interior, said that the police identified the victims as woman D.A. (born in 1990) and man H.M. (born in 1978), with the man being suspected of murdering the woman and committing suicide afterwards.

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The competent bodies are determining the motives of the murder and suicide but according to witnesses, the victims were not related as family or spouses. According to Fisek, the further investigation will look into whether they were related in any way.

The incident comes approximately a month after a femicide and suicide, when a man killed the women he was having affair with and then committed a suicide in the neighbouring Tuzla Canton.

Only days prior to this incident, a man killed three people in a killing spree in the town of Gradacac, including his wife, and posting video of the murder online. The crime sparked strong reactions in the country and across the regions, prompting citizens and activists to stage protests againts domestic violence and femicide.

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