RS Parliament to return two-headed eagle and Boze Pravde anthem

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Republika Srpska (RS) entity's National Assembly (RSNA) will hold a double session on Tuesday, July 2. The first will be the ceremonial one, where the Serbian Parliament Speaker, Ana Brnabic, will address the MPs, and then the regular one, where the MPs will express their views on the declaration from the All-Serb Assembly. Pročitaj više

“The Parliamentary Forum Serbia – Republika Srpska will host 11 members of the Assembly of Serbia together with 11 members of the RSNA,” Nenad Stevandic said, noting that this is a great indicator of continued cooperation between the RS and Serbia.

The second item on the session agenda will be the declaration adopted at the All-Serb Assembly.

“What is also important in my opinion is the ninth item, which I am proud of, it concerns the Draft Law on the use of the flag, coat of arms and anthem, and with great pride and satisfaction I want to say that we have found a way to put the anthem Boze Pravde and the Nemanjic coat of arms back into use. We'll do this so as not to offend anyone. On the basis of the Agreement on Special and Parallel Relations, which was also approved by the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we will regulate the use of anthems and coats of arms of other nations with which there are agreements on special and parallel relations. In this way, we will return the Nemanjic family coat of arms to the institutions, and we will not cancel the emblem,” Stevandic announced.

According to earlier decisions of the Constitutional Court of BiH and the RS, the flag of Republika Srpska remained in use, and the coat of arms with the two-headed eagle and the Boze Pravde anthem were excluded from legal circulation.

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