Russia ‘deeply disappointed’ with Bosnia's participation in Crimea Platform

NEWS 24.08.202220:35 0 komentara

Russian embassy to Bosnia and Herzegovina said it is “deeply disappointed” with the participation of Bosnia Presidency Chairman Sefik Dzaferovic in the Crimea Platform summit, calling the decision of some of the Presidency members “unbalanced” and noting that it was passed with no consensus. Pročitaj više

In this way, the embassy said, “Sarajevo gave up on its last year's position to ignore such suspicious gathering.”

The statement comes a day after the Presidency Chairman addressed the Crimea Platform via video link, reiterating that Bosnia's position of supporting Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity remains unchanged. Dzaferovic took part in the meeting despite the objection of Serb Presidency member Milorad Dodik.

In the comment published on social networks, the embassy said Russia has “repeatedly emphasised that the issue of Crimea's statehood, which was resolved in full accordance with the norms of international law and the will of the people of the peninsula, is closed.

“Pseudo-arguments regarding the expression of solidarity with Ukraine in the context of the Russian special military operation do not hold water. It is a fight against the neo-Nazi ideology accepted by the Kiev regime, which is embodied every day in the sadistic killing of the civilian population, including children, in a vile way,” the embassy said, adding that the position of certain Bosnian politicians on the matter is “apsolutely illogical.”

Russia is in no way interested in destabilising Bosnia and Herzegovina, the embassy stressed, denying the ideas of Moscow's malignant intentions and stressing that they are “fueled by our Western opponents, who strive to keep Bosnia and Herzegovina in an oppressed, literally enslaved position, despite all the sweet words about ‘European paradise’.”

“Moscow shows not by words but by actions what advantages both business entities and ordinary citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina can derive from equal and mutually beneficial cooperation with Russia at a time when in fact the whole of Europe is in fear of imminent economic cataclysms,” the statement said.

“Once again, we call on our partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina to be reasonable and balanced. Otherwise, the responsibility for all the consequences of a hypothetical worsening of bilateral relations will be borne by those who are guided not by the basic interests of their peoples and citizens, but by the orders of external mentors,” the embassy added.