Russia's Zakharova: Appointment of ‘citizen Schmidt’ is illegitimate

NEWS 16.12.202115:35 0 komentara

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova reiterated Russia's stance on not recognising the new High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina Christian Schmidt, stressing that his appointment is illegitimate without the approval of the UN Security Council. Pročitaj više

“German citizen, Christian Schmidt, cannot be the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, since the UN Security Council did not accept the resolution of his appointment. The statement ‘on Schmidt’s appointment’ made on May 27 by the countries’ ambassadors of the steering board of the Peace Implementation Council of the Dayton Peace Agreement on Bosnia and Herzegovina accredited in Sarajevo is not sufficient,” Zakharova told TASS news agency.

She assessed as “rightful” the decision of the Serb people, as one of the three equal constituent peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to refuse to recognise Schmidt as a legitimate representative of the international community.

Zakharova stressed that this was the reason why Russia was forced to suspend its participation in the meetings of the PIC Steering Board, which are chaired by Schmidt.

The international community's efforts in Bosnia and Herzegovina must focus on releasing this sovereign and independent European country from external protectorate in shape of the high representative, said Zakharova.