Sarajevo and Podgorica become twin cities

NEWS 13.07.202210:57 0 komentara

Mayors of Sarajevo and Podgorica Benjamina Karic and Ivan Vukovic signed the Agreement on the twinning of Sarajevo and Podgorica, Wednesday. The Mayor of Sarajevo pointed out that this act crowned the successful cooperation between the capital cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Pročitaj više

After the signing Sarajevo Mayor pointed out that Montenegro and Bosnia are friendly countries.

“Montenegrins are people, but above all, they are our neighbours, friends, a nation with an identity. Montenegrins have always been adorned with ‘chojstvo’ (high moral standards), which means fairness, telling the truth as it is, without swearing and generalizing. I am glad that the Montenegrin Parliament adopted the Resolution condemning the Srebrenica genocide against Bosniaks,” Karic said.

She also referred to the fact that the cities of Sarajevo and Podgorica are multicultural and that this is where strength and wealth lie.

As announced, the first joint activity of the two twin cities will be the holding of “Day of Sarajevo in Podgorica” and “Day of Podgorica in Sarajevo,” during which the cultural, tourist and economic potential of Bosnia and Montenegro's capitals will be presented.