Serbian President condemns killing of Kosovo policeman, blames ‘Kurti’s terror’ for escalation

NEWS 25.09.202313:27 0 komentara

The Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic strongly condemned the killing of a Kosovo police officer on Sunday, adding that there is no justification for it. However, he said that the incident was caused by Serbs revolting because they "do not want to suffer under (Albin) Kurti's terror anymore" and that it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. Pročitaj više

“I don’t want to justify the killing of an Albanian policeman, nor is it possible to justify it. That is absolutely reprehensible,” he said.

He then, however, went on to say that the only culprit for everything that is happening in Kosovo and Metohija is Albin Kurti, “although he also has the help of those from the international community.”

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic echoed the president’s words, blaming Kurti and the silence of the international community for the situation. “Does Kurti have carte blanche to kill people in Kosovo whenever he wants to,” Brnabic said on the pro-regime TV Pink.

“Albin Kurti is the only one who wants conflicts and war, his life’s desire is to drag us into conflicts with NATO.” emphasised Vucic.

At the beginning of his address, he said that it is one of the most difficult days for Serbia since 2004 and 2008. He apologized for not being able to address the public earlier in the day because it was necessary to determine what was happening in Kosovo and Metohija and make appropriate decisions.