US ambassador: I urge you to vote and shape the Bosnia and Herzegovina you want

NEWS 01.10.202211:07 0 komentara

US Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina conveyed a message to the Bosnian citizens prior to general election taking place on Sunday, urging them to get out and vote, and shape the Bosnia and Herzegovina they want. Pročitaj više

He stressed in his video message that the election day is an important opportunity to make their voices heard about the future that citizens want for themselves, their children and grandchildren.

“You may feel disillusion or even angry about the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina today. Election day is your opportunity to tell your leaders how you feel about their achievements and about their failures. It is an opportunity to hold your leaders accountable,” he stressed.

Murphy also adviced citizens to vote out those who did not meet the expectations.

“If you do not believe that your elected representatives served you well over the last four years, then vote them out, choose someone new. If you find four years from now that the next person was not any better, then vote them out. Remember, elections are not just about what the politicians are telling you but about what you are telling the politicians,” the ambassador underlined.

He also emphasised the importance of the citizens’ role in protecting democracy in their country, even when they do not feel enthusiastic about candidates on ballots, noting that “democracy cannot survive unless people actively nurture and protect it.”

“Without active citizens’ participation, democracy overtime breaks down. Either fails altogether or corrupt elites capture institutions for their own purposes, maintaining the veneer of democracy but hollowing out its core. In the end, you make the democracy work by participating, by making your voice heard and by voting,” he said, urging the citizens of BiH to vote and play their parts in shaping the Bosnia and Herzegovina they want.